[horde] Horde3 + oracle 10g

samer khalil samerk1 at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:15:18 UTC 2007


I am experiencing a new problem on Horde  with oracle10g.
persistent connection is set to true.
During normal times, around 10 connections are kept active on the database,
with around 100 being inactive.
The average online users is 400.

At a certain time Active connections on the Database (installed on a
different server than horde) are increasing exponentially! which is causing
delays on IMP and making it unusable.

Is there any cleaning mechanism or something i should do on the DB to avoid
that? knowing that the system was running smooth for the last 2 months. The
problem start to appear 2 days ago.

I am running Horde 4.1.4 with IMP 4.1.4 with apache 2.4 and php5


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