[horde] Dual tables for turba

Mikal & Suzi Romein romein8 at bigpond.com
Thu Jun 7 22:41:26 UTC 2007

I am trying to get the turba address book to use my tables for its data source. The Turba sources.php file says that it can be done and I have the following setting.

 'params' => array_merge($conf['sql'],
                         array('table' => 'pwr_cards LEFT JOIN 'pwr_cards_address ON 'pwr_cards.CardRecordID = 'pwr_cards_address.CardRecordID',
                               'filter' => pwr_cards.'IsInactive = 0')),

However when adding a new record the system says error adding the new contact, DB error:syntax error.

My question is what is the correct way to specify multiple tables for turba? Can it be done? I am using mysql 5. If I use a single table, and remove the references to fields in the second table, in the above example it works fine.

Thanks in advance.

Mikal Romein

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