[horde] Turba import - session information lost

Chris Lafty clafty at stlawu.edu
Mon Aug 27 20:48:11 UTC 2007

I'm trying to import a csv file into my address book and I'm getting an
error at the last step "The uploaded data was lost since the previous

I am using a 2-node apache (RHEL4) cluster with round robin DNS, mysql
sessions, php4, eAccelerator and I have my domain cookie set to
.stlawu.edu (my address is mymail.stlawu.edu).  My mysql sessions are
working properly because I'll log into mymail.stlawu.edu and my session
is properly written to the mysql database.  I test this by accessing my
session using mymail4.stlawu.edu and mymail5.stlawu.edu (the two
nodes).  Accessing both servers retains session information.  I followed
my mysql session during the import process and the imported csv file is
only lost at the last step.  I see that my csv file was written to
/tmp/importiDOO0s, but when I finish the import process I get the above
mentioned error message.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
I've tested this using mymail.stlawu.edu and on each server bypassing my
round-robin dns.

Christopher Lafty
Systems Administrator - Windows and Linux
St. Lawrence University
clafty at stlawu.edu

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