[horde] horde 3.2 alpha upgrade

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Fri Sep 21 23:22:35 UTC 2007

I was going to spend some empty Friday afternoon time playing with the 
3.2-alpha version of Horde, but I ran into a roadblock.  I have an 
existing Horde 3.1.4 installation (with imp, turba, etc).  Obviously I 
would like to keep all my user data rather than starting from scratch.  I 
have a copy of my production database that I can play with easily in a 
development and testing environment.

I see that there are several new Horde tables (alarms, syncml_map), but 
the UPGRADING file doesn't mention how to create them.  There doesn't seem 
to be an upgrade SQL script in scripts/upgrades/ or scripts/sql/.  Are 
there any instructions or hints on how to proceed from an upgrade 

I don't see any new information when I browse the CVS tree either.  Is 
this information still waiting to be written, or have I missed it 

I look forward to testing this!


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