[horde] setting up report as spam in Horde Groupware

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Sat Oct 6 08:55:13 UTC 2007


> I have installed horde groupware 1.01 and am trying to seup the Report as Spam
> feature.    I have enabled the drop down in the setup under mail and Message and
> Spam.  I have spam assassin installed and operating.  I place
> /usr/bin/spamassassin -r 

> in the external link window and receive the following error:

> HORDE [error] [imp] Error reporting spam: [18036] warn: config: cannot write to
> /var/www/.spamassassin/user_prefs: No such file or directory
> [18036] warn: config: failed to create default user preference file
> /var/www/.spamassassin/user_prefs
> bayes: locker: safe_lock: cannot create tmp lockfile
> /var/www/.spamassassin/bayes.lock.mweb2.pjpii.org.18036 for
> /var/www/.spamassassin/bayes.lock: No such file or directory
>  [on line 111 of "/var/www/horde/imp/lib/Spam.php"]

> I have tried changing that to 

> /usr/bin/spamassassin -r %n
> /usr/bin/spamassassin -r --prefspath=\home\%u\

You need to run spamd deamon with -H option (no home directories for
users). Or you can use "/usr/bin/spamc -C report" for message reporting.

Best regards,

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