[horde] homedir based on uid and not username

Leland J. Steinke steinkel at ctinetworks.com
Mon Oct 8 18:00:08 UTC 2007

We have our user home directories set up by uid, rather than username. 
This allows for usernames to be changed at will, without losing access 
to previously received messages or stored files.  In other discussions, 
we have described this as having a "handle" that is unchanging while the 
username and/or domain changes.  We even have a number of users with 
several usernames associated with the same uid and same homedir.

Is it possible to replicate this in horde?  I would think horde would do 
initial authentication with the provided username and password, grab the 
uid handle, along with any other usernames associated with it, and 
finally populate identities with the collected username information.

Looking over horde/config/hooks.php, it looks like we could generate an 
internal username based on the uid, but I am still uncertain as to what 
is possible.  We are still horde newbies, so please be gentle.  ;-)

Leland Steinke
Network Engineer
CTI Networks, Inc.

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