[horde] no birthdays shown in monthview of december and january

Rolf Deenen rdeenen at home.nl
Tue Jan 1 21:00:29 UTC 2008

dear list,

Recently I installed the Horde Groupware Suite 1.1-RC1. Let me begin  
by saying that i am very impressed by the quality of the software. The  
intraction with the software i ver easy and i am very happy to use it.  
So far i did not discover any problems. But today, having an easy  
evening and relaxing after a wild newyears-eve party yesterday i  
stubleb on the following: I am adding all my contacts in the  
addressbook, and in particular etring their birthdays, since i quite  
easilly seem to forget them. I noticed that in the "month view" i  
don't see them in the months december and january, for every year. The  
other moths are ok. When i switch view to the corresponding week views  
i CAN see them. Is there any way to see what goes wrong here, or is  
this issue already known or am i the only one. I did some searches in  
the mailinglists, but his problem did not turn up.

Thanks in advance,
Rolf Deenen

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