[horde] Error generating pgp key pair

Larry Honig l at hdex.com
Wed Jan 2 18:03:39 UTC 2008

Hi, I am sending this message again since it may have been ignored due  
to the New Years holiday. I apologize, don't want to spam the list,  
but I really would like some response!

I have a production version of IMP 4.01 /Horde 3.0 running as well,  
and they both have the same problem.

In either version of Horde, I can successfully go to the page in IMP
which allows me to generate or upload a key pair. When I attempt to
create a key pair using Horde itself, it warns me that it will take a
long time, and about two minutes later, I receive this message:

Public/Private keypair not generated successfully.

I have tried to RTFM but there does not appear to be any one place
where the setup procedure for generating keys is explained. Googling
"HORDE Public/Private keypair not generated successfully." and
numerous variations also turns up nothing, except links to various
translations of HORDE itself. The Horde Help link indicates that if
the key pair is not generated then an error message explaning why will
be displayed, but the message I see contains nothing I can use to
debug what is going on! I have also enabled logging (at the
PEAR_LOG_NOTICE level) of Horde messages to /var/log/horde.log but
there are no relevant messages in there at all - just the normal stuff
of logging in, etc..

I can use the command line gpgp on the server that hosts Horde just
fine, and OpenSSL is installed and running, and php 5-mcrypt is also
installed, if that helps.

The system's path to Gnupg is /usr/bin/gpg, and that is entered
correctly. The path to the certificate bundle is /etc/ssl/certs, which
is correct. The path to openssl is /usr/bin/openssl, which is correct.
The public keyserver 'pgp.mit.edu' is selected. The server itself is
Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS, with a very recent apt-get dist-upgrade. Everything
else on both Horde installs seems to work just fine.

What am I doing wrong? I would guess there is some sort of permissions
issue someplace, but I have no idea what to begin to look at. Horde is
NOT running  chrooted.

Thanks in advance for any help. We've been living with this inabilty
for a couple of years (it has always seemed to be too much of a PITA
to diagnose) but I got into it again over the holidays, and I would
really like to get this working!

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