[horde] Advocate for a change in PHP 5.3

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Jan 31 15:05:32 UTC 2008

Hi folks-

Because of this issue:

Which is in danger of being marked "not a bug" and even taken further,  
currently we are unable to produce a version of Horde that supports  
both PHP 4 and PHP 5.3+. If this change sticks, then we will have to  
draw a _maximum_ PHP version of 5.2.x for all current Horde releases,  
and any future Horde release will be PHP 5+ only.

I'm all for moving forward with PHP 5 only code, but making it  
impossible to run current Horde versions on PHP 5.3+ is just a pain,  
and I don't understand the rationale or reason for the change. If you  
agree or if this will affect you, agitate for it a bit.



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