[horde] Pass a "enum" from hooks -> prefs.php

Otto Stolz Otto.Stolz at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Feb 1 16:21:02 UTC 2008


You should also adapt the description to the altered situation,
of course:
> // user preferred 'tie to' addresses
> $_prefs['tieto_addr'] = array(
>       'value'  => '',
>       'locked' => false,
>       'shared' => false,
>       'hook'   => false,
>       'type'   => 'enum',
>       'enum'   => "test1 at kwsoft.com\ntest2 at kwsoft.com"
         'desc' => _('Optionally, choose an address to explicitly tie to this identity'));

And after any change of this sort,
you will wish to amend any translations you are using,
cf. <http://www.horde.org/horde/docs/?f=po_README.html#extending-existent-translations>.

Good luck,

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