[horde] Horde Forwards configuration

Manuel Molina Cuberos mmolina at webactiva.com
Mon Feb 18 10:18:11 UTC 2008

Jan Schneider escribió:
> Zitat von Manuel Molina Cuberos <mmolina at webactiva.com>:
>> Hello all!
>> I've sucessfully configured "Vacation" in our Horde installation (see below)
>> With that, I can put a filter via FTP on the same machine,  
>> authenticating with "username at mydomain.com" and the password, both  
>> the credentials of the same session in Horde.
>> Well, the problem is ... when I try to do the same with the Forward  
>> section (the second block, below)
>> I've got the message "Failure in setting forward: Authentication to  
>> FTP server failed. Check your username and password"
>> The log of our FTP server says that the user "username" (without  
>> @mydomain.com) does not exist.
>> How can I configure Horde to send the full credentials in the  
>> Forwards section ?
> You can't. This hasn't been implemented yet.
> Jan.

Well, reading your answer, I take a few minutes reading the code, and I 
made a change that can do the trick.

1. I've changed the file vacation/main.php,v 1.55 2006/05/05 10:28:23 
jan Exp ...

Added the line (24):

 >     $user = Auth::getAuth();

I know it is not a "clean" way to do it, but until it's implemented, I 
really need it (and it works!).
Please, let me know how can I contribute to / who can I help to 
implement the parameter in the config file, like in Vacation:

$conf['server']['params']['default']['hordeauth'] = 'full';

I've noticed that the method getParam() it's not implemented in the 
class Forwards_Driver, and that's the reason I did it this way.


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