[horde] redirect problem

Steve Devine sd at msu.edu
Mon Feb 18 11:02:34 UTC 2008

Bill Graham wrote:
> Sounds like your cokie path may be a problem.
> Quoting Horde Administrators FAQ
> "Make sure that you are using the correct cookie domain and path 
> settings in Horde's setup.
> Cookies are not stored in the browser if you don't use a FQDN (fully 
> qualified domain name), e.g. http://localhost/horde/, or if the 
> specified cookie path (/horde by default) doesn't match the webroot of 
> your Horde installation, e.g. http://webmail.example.org/, 
> http://www.example.org/horde-3.1.2/."
> This would be in horde/config/conf.php - entry
> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/pathname';
> In your case - i try
> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/horde-webmail-1.1-rc2';
> Bill
Thanks Bill
I have that set just as you suggest still no luck.

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