[horde] alarms - permission denied

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Mar 18 12:20:50 UTC 2008

Zitat von Michael Redinger <Michael.Redinger at uibk.ac.at>:

> Jan Schneider schrieb:
>> Zitat von Michael Redinger <Michael.Redinger at uibk.ac.at>:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Jan Schneider wrote:
>>>> Zitat von Michael Redinger <Michael.Redinger at uibk.ac.at>:
>>>>> ok, I tried to track this down:
>>>>> I call the alarm script eg. as root like this:
>>>>> /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/horde/admin/alarms.php
>>>>> alarms.php checks if the user has admin permissions:
>>>>> if (!Auth::isAdmin()) {
>>>>>     Horde::authenticationFailureRedirect();
>>>>> }
>>>> These lines don't exist in alarms.php.
>>> Oops, sorry, at some point I got the file wrong (admin/alarms.php
>>> instead of scripts/alarm.php).
>>> However, the problem is real, "only" the description was wrong ... And
>>> if I read the code correctly, the question stays the same:
>>> How should the session be set correctly by the alarm script if called
>>> from the command line?
>>> Back to scripts/alarms.php:
>>> I tracked the problem down to kronolith/lib/api.php, function
>>> _kronolith_listAlarms($time, $user = null) (same for nag):
>>> $current_user = Auth::getAuth();
>>> if ((empty($user) || $user != $current_user) && !Auth::isAdmin()) {
>>> If I read the code correctly, scripts/alarms.php calls the alarm notify
>>> function with the user set to null (first parameter). This function then
>>> calls notify, which calls listAlarms, which calls load. Next,
>>> $registry->callByPackage actually switches to the kronolith api
>>> (listAlarms).
>> scripts/alarms.php sets the user before calling notify().
> Could you please elaborate? I did not find this.
> I only noted AUTH_HANDLER being defined, which is used at two places in
> the Horde library but not by kronolith and nag in api.php.

Gosh! It looks like I never committed this piece of code that's  
running locally for a few weeks now. My apologies.


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