[horde] LDAP / horde_users table.

k bah kbah at linuxmail.org
Wed Mar 19 11:30:13 UTC 2008

 Horde 3.1.4
 Imp 4.1.4

 I use LDAP for user authentication, should a newly installed Horde contain records in the horde_users table, _after_ valid users login (just by logging in, no others actions performed necessarily)? By valid users I mean users that exist on LDAP, either because they were there before, or because they were created on LDAP by some user request (mail account creation). Should I be able to query a Horde db and know that some user from LDAP logged into the webmail (and therefore exists to Horde now)? I know the best way is to search on LDAP since some user maybe registered there and did not login in the webmail, just want to know..
 I want to know if there is a way to find registered usernames without consulting LDAP. 



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