[horde] Fwd: [gollem] Multi-User VFS SQL Sharing

David Cunningham davec at mecnet.net
Tue Apr 8 17:55:09 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I sent this email to the gollem list, but never heard anything.  I was  
hoping you guys might have some input on this one:


Hi All,

I have searched through the archives, and I just don't see what I am
looking for here.  Sorry if I am repeating a post.

I am using horde 3.1.5-cvs and gollem 1.0.4-cvs.

I also have the same problem with gollem 1.0.3 with horde 3.2-RC1 from
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition... and various other versions of both.
   It's the same issue.

Basically, I need the file storage to be sharable just like
addressbooks, calendars, etc.

When the user logs in for the first time, I need it to create a home
directory for that user and default into that home directory.  I also
need the user to be able to go back to "root" and see a list of other
users shared home directories.  My config below does everything
correctly to that point.

However, things stop working after that.

When a file is uploaded (or when the user home directory is created),
the "owner " field is not populated.  So, there is no ownership.
Also, you cannot use CHMOD to change permissions.  When you check
something and drop to chmod, the little chmod screen opens up.  But,
none of the options are clickable.

I have tried this is many different browsers.

The current setup allows people to upload to their folders and go back
to the root and view other people's folders.  But, it does not allow
the changing of permissions.  So, everyone can always view everyone
elses folders.  I had to change my config to make the "root" the
user's home directory so that they could not see eachother's folders.
But, that defeats half the purpose.

I also tried using the "permissions" section of the administration
options.  But, this just seems to lock it down more.  It does not
allow the end user to edit his own permissions through the interface.

So, I guess, I just need someone to tell me the correct way to configure this.



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