[horde] Free/Busy Information

Jochem Meijers jochem at mondrian.nl
Wed Apr 9 09:12:58 UTC 2008

The problem with the localhost thing isn't necessarily access to the LDAP
server, but more that horde has to access a page on its own server, and does
so through PHP's remote file opening capabilities. It resolves the URL you
enter, and retrieves the FB information through your webserver, which has to
be reachable for horde... try telnetting to port 80 on your domainname from
the commandline of the server you run horde on. Type GET if you get a
connection. If that works, this isn't the solution you're looking for.

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Ups, I forgot to say that the ldap directory
for the adressbook is on another machine  (so: no loacalhost scenario).

Jochem Meijers schrieb:
> I've had a similar problem, and it had to do with the server
> The server was unable to access itself at it's external IP address, which
> the server's own domain name resolved to. Changing the xxx.xxx.xxx. part
> your url to might solve your problem.
> If that is the problem, you can just set your domain name in /etc/hosts to
> point to your local IP or the loopback interface.
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> From: Stefanie Clormann [mailto:Clormann at ub.uni-heidelberg.de] 
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> Subject: [horde] Free/Busy Information
> Dear List,
> I have the following scenario:
> I have a global read-only LDAP-adressbook that every horde user has 
> access to
> and each user has an own private mysql-adressbooks where they can also 
> create shared ones (mysql-addressbooks).
> The problem is that when I want to add attendees from the adressbooks (it
> doesn`t matter if I insert them from the LDAP or mysql one) then
> I do not get the Free/Busy information displayed.
> I get the following error:
> Error retrieving free/busy information for abc at xxx.xxx.xxx: The
> free/busy url for abc at xxx.xxx.xxx cannot be retrieved.
> When I access the link (https://xxx.xxx.xxx./kronolith/fb.php?u=name)
> directly I do get the name.vfb file which holds the free/busy information.
> What am I missing?
> Best wishes
> Stefanie

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