[horde] my Horde filters do not work

Joe Harkins joehark at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 27 19:43:19 UTC 2008

I have a Hostgator dedicated managed server that hosts about 60 domains. It has cPanel, Spam Assassin and Horde. There are a few hundred email accounts.

On my own experience and that of my most active domains, Horde filters are not working.  

For example, right now many of us are being spammed daily with dozens of copies of the same message whose subject begins,  Wanted:

So I created a Horde filter as follows . . .

Rule Name :  Wanted

For an incoming message that matches:
*Any of the following   Wanted:
Do this: Delete message completely
*Stop checking if this rule matches?

But this has absolutely zero effect. The spam keeps coming.

Also, when I click on "Apply filters" it changes nothing. The crap remains in all the mailboxes.

Also, I have Horde set to run the filters when I check in. Again it does nothing.

I also have filters set to delete anything that Spam Assassin has labeled with the usual ****SPAM****. It does nothing.

Some of these messages contain words that are listed in more than one filter but neither filter affects them.

So, can anyone help, please?

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