[horde] my Horde filters do not work

Joe Harkins joehark at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 27 23:46:49 UTC 2008

I haven't taken it to Hostgator because I thought that Horde would have a better idea as to how to diagnose the issue and suggest a fix. 

But if you respond that I should take it to Hostgator I will. Please let me know?

As for which version of Horde v # I have, I've looked every place where I expect it might be but can find nothing anywhere that tell me which it is. Where is it, please?

As to which filtering back end I am using, I have only the one filter system that is provided in Horde. If you wish I can send you screen shots or even send you direct email with Horde webmail access to one of the accounts and you are welcome to look.  Or do I mis-undertsand the question? 

Your help is appreciated. 

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