[horde] I can't create a new local calendar

Michael Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue Jul 15 22:49:22 UTC 2008

Quoting Alexa Rodríguez <avrodriguez at jusbaires.gov.ar>:

>> What backend do you have configured for shares?
> I have configured backend for shares: "DataTree".
> The backend configuration for "Datatree" is "None".
> I tried with the option "SQL Database" for backend configuration of  
> "Datatree", but then I could not have access to my calendar.
> The same ocurred to me, when I change the option of "DataTree" to  
> "SQL" in the backend of "Shares"

Well, you *need* to configure one or the other, otherwise you will not  
have any shares (i.e. calendars).

> Here, my configuratión file.
> Do you have any idea?

I would configure the SQL backend, as it is more efficient, and make  
sure that you have the kronolith_share* tables in your database. If  
you have existing data, you can run the share conversion script in  
scripts/upgrades - that will move any old datatree shares to the new  
SQL shares.

You should also check both your webserver error log and the horde log  
for any useful messages.


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