[horde] Problems with IMP and UTF8

Danny Herrlitz d.herrlitz at klemm-hensen.de
Thu Jul 17 09:38:28 UTC 2008

Quoting Danny Herrlitz <d.herrlitz at klemm-hensen.de>:

> Hello,
> i have a problem with UTF-8 encoded mails in IMP.
> The messagebody remains blank if i try to open it.
> I can reproduce this by compose a message in IMP with encoding UTF-8.
> We use Groupware Webmail Edition 1.06, but it is the same in 1.1.

I tested a little bit and it seems that it is a bug in PHP 5.2.*.

In class Text_Filter_text2html->preProcess is a line
$text = @htmlspecialchars($text, ENT_COMPAT, $this->_params['charset']);

and htmlspecialchars returns an empty string, when "UTF-8" as charset  
is given.

See bugreports:

The PHP version here is "PHP 5.2.0-8+etch11".


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