[horde] Logout trouble

jose antonio z. zuniga at baibrama.cult.cu
Thu Jul 17 14:54:08 UTC 2008

Jan Schneider escribió:
> Zitat von "jose antonio z." <zuniga at baibrama.cult.cu>:
>> Hi:
>> I´ve installed horde 3, turba and Kronolith in Debian etch.
>> I use imp for authenticate my user and it´s work fine. When I logout 
>> from imp, logout icon menu  redirect me to 
>> http://miserver/horde3/imp/login.php?logout_reason=logout, but when I 
>> use turba or Kronolith the logout icon menu redirect me to 
>> http://miserver/horde3/login.php?logout_reason=logout so If I logout
> This is all correct.
>> from turba or Kronolith I´ve to authenticate twice, on horde and imp 
>> too.
> What do you mean? Are you logging out or in?
> Jan.
I need when I logout from turba or Kronolith (no from imp) redirect me 
to imp login page and not to Horde.

jose a.

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