[horde] sql greylisting with some horde app postfix-policyd

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Jul 18 10:59:25 UTC 2008

Zitat von Robert Schetterer <robert at schetterer.org>:

> Chuck Hagenbuch schrieb:
>> Quoting Robert Schetterer <robert at schetterer.org>:
>>> http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/postfix-policyd
>>> is a policy server with sql database
>>> there is an option to opt out of greylisting for users in sql
>>> at the database, this is also
>>> in one squirrelmail plugin
>>> is there something equal in some horde app
>>> or has someone done it allready?
>> http://cvs.horde.org/ingo/scripts/ingo-postfix-policyd
>> -chuck
> Hi Chuck, this is a nice feature but has no relation to
> my question cause
> ingo-postfix-policyd is an independed spawn script
> postfix-policyd holds its config in mysql
> and has tons of setup parameters, but the only one i like to select  
> from horde is opt out greylisting (like in th squirrelmail  
> spamasassin sql modul), white/blacklist table og greylist edit would  
> be nice too, but i dont need this urgently, as well i dont need any  
> of the other parameters needed configuarable by users
> ingo-postfix-policyd is nice helping block senders on postfix smtp level
> but it doesnt really fit if you use sieve with ingo
> cause it results in creating sieve rules too and a somekind merged  
> filter gui in my case ( so maybe this is my fault), perhaps this  
> should be configurable splitted filters in the gui in future

You might want to look at the Sam module, though you probably have to =20
customize it for your needs.


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