[horde] Cache System Questions

Kareem Dana kareem.dana at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 04:36:19 UTC 2008

I have a few basic questions mainly about the caching options in
Horde. Thanks for any clarification.

1) Cache System: I have it set to Store objects in filesystem. I can
use the SQL based cache. Performance wise is one driver better than
the other?

2) In /tmp I see lots of cache_<hashed id> files. I presume these are
the cached objects. Does horde automatically clean these files up? Is
it safe to run through them with something like tmpwatch and delete
them after a week or so?

3) Virtual File Storage: What is this used for and are there any
serious differences between filesystem vs. SQL driver?

4) In Turba, I can select a VFS driver to use. Currently it is set to
None and turba seems to be working fine. What does Turba use the VFS

5) In Imp, I can use the msgcache and/or the mlistcache. With msgcache
what details are cached and approximately how much storage space is
used per message?

- Kareem Dana

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