[horde] : Re: horde login error

Steve Devine sd at msu.edu
Sun Jan 11 13:55:14 UTC 2009

Quoting "Santhosh Kumar A" <santhoshksfeltd at yahoo.co.in>:

> At last i managed to login as administrator.Thanks to all of you.
> Again iam under problems. After updating te horde as an  
> administrator to change the authentication, i could not login to  
> horde after a reboot.
> It says te horde error
> 4 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for horde [] to Horde  
> [pid 5722 on line 164 of "/var/www/html/horde/login.php"]
> Any body can help me ????
> Thanks again in advance............................

I asked you a question earlier and you did not answer it.
> Note: forwarded message attached.
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