[horde] Object Creator Permission

Alfonso Marín Marín almarin at um.es
Mon Feb 23 13:10:41 UTC 2009

Hi all,

We are trying to use kronolith shared calendars to manage shared 
resources (cars, meeting-rooms, etc). We need:
- Only a group of users can see the calendars and make reservations
- Every user can only edit or delete their own reservations.

To achieve that, we are using:
- SHOW and READ perms to that group of users.
- MODIFY + DELETE to "creator object".

It works, but we have a problem: the calendars are available for writing 
to all users because of the "creator object" permisson.

It happend because kronolith (and in every horde application) checks 
only for EDIT permissions.

So i have 2 questions:¿ Does another another permission combination 
exist to achieve that scenario?

¿Would it be reasonable checking for SHOW perms in creating aplication 
forms? I think that an user should create events from application UI 
only in those calendars that are accesible from the UI (i mean, only in 
those calendars with SHOW perms).


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