[horde] Fwd: Re: Trean: Class 'Horde_Permission' not found

Michael Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Feb 26 17:07:27 UTC 2009

Quoting Marcel Samek <msamek at MachinimaMagic.com>:

> Michael,
> I tried to keep the discussion on the list but it appears that the   
> attachments did not make it when I posted to the list. So here it is  
> -  hopefully you can see them.
> Thanks,
> M.
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> Perms.php is included in core.php but my version does not seem to
> contain the class Horde_Permission; the class is called Perms.
> I am running horde on ubuntu (Hardy) and installed everything from
> their latest packages (except Trean). Is it possible that some
> versions are out of sync?

Perms.php should contain both Perms and Horde_Permission classes. If  
it doesn't
then your installation is broken.

The most recent released version of this file is at  


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