[horde] Ansel and Trean intermittently not loading CSS

Simon Wilson simon at simonandkate.net
Mon Apr 27 05:42:52 UTC 2009

I am running Horde 3.3.4-RC1, and have installed most of the Horde  
components. I particularly like trean for bookmarks, it's a great  
little tool.

With Ansel 1.0.1-cvs and Trean 1.0-cvs I find that occasionally they  
don't appear to load correctly (i.e. 1 in 10 or so loads, but it seems  
completely random, sometimes every other load, other times hardly  
ever), almost as if they can't find a CSS stylesheet. See  
http://www.simonandkate.net/ansel.jpg for an example of the result.  
The Horde server is reverse proxied through another Apache server.

There are no errors reported in the Horde server's Apache error log,  
and the Horde server's Apache access log doesn't seem to show anything  
different between a successful load and a bad one. Same with the proxy  
server - no 404s or anything.

Clicking on it again results in a correct load.

Any way to troubleshoot this?

Simon Wilson

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