[horde] Installing Horde Groupware on Shared Hosting Environment

Sam umaisa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 11:58:39 UTC 2009

People parden my silly one.

I am trying to install horde groupware on shared hosting environment. Its an IIS
installation with php 5.x and all the components which horde needs. Now I follow
the instructions and I realise that things needs 2 be done at command prompt
which unfortunately I don't have access to.

Can someone please jot me down some simple instructions on how can I still
install horde groupware webmail edition for my website on a IIS 6.x on WinNT
environment without command prompt access. (Installation on MySQL Server).

once again apologies for asking such an easy one, but got exhausted looking on
net for past 4 days and now this i my last hope.

Awaiting Reply,

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