[horde] upgrade scripts and memory consumption (huge)

LALOT Dominique dom.lalot at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 15:59:07 UTC 2009


I ran again the migrate script this morning, and for some scripts, memory is
consumed quite fast.

cat /tmp/horde_usr  | php -d memory_limit=1536M -d session.save_path=/tmp

For that script I stopped (thanks to top) at 1013 Mo. As I could see traces
and top together, I can see that the memory allocated to the process was
getting higher and higher as if something in the loop was not freed.
Hopefully, I just convert staff with 4000 entries. But I have to convert
students (20000) and I will not be able to do that in a single step.
What can be the problem?

It remembers me something in reminders.php that was going very high too!


Dominique LALOT
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux

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