[horde] Upgrading Horde

Hasan, Saeed SaHasan at cbe.ab.ca
Mon May 4 15:30:20 UTC 2009


Currently, we are using following modules and looking for some expert

Horde --> 3.1.7
Gollem --> 1.0.3
Imp --> 4.1.6
Kronolith --> 2.1.8
Mnemo --> 2.1.2
Nag --> 2.1.4
Turba --> 2.1.7

We are looking forward to upgrade to either horde webmail or upgrading
individual modules to latest stable release and I'm not sure which route
to follow.  
Please respond with your suggestions.

Also, we have modified existing source to according to our needs and I
noticed in new modules that some new files been added and some files are
gone and not sure if I would be able to modify new modules with the
changes we had before.


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