[horde] DIMP only preview or select first email in folders other than Inbox

Simon Wilson simon at simonandkate.net
Thu May 7 22:44:19 UTC 2009

Running Dimp 1.1.2 in Horde 3.3.4-RC1.

Have tried this in Firefox and Chrome, I get the same behaviour.

In Dimp, the Inbox behaves correctly. I.e. open Dimp, the Inbox shows  
preview of the first email item, and other items can be selected and  
automatically the preview appears. Multiple items can be selected by  
using the select box on the left of the emails.

However in other folders, upon opening the folder (Sent Items, Spam,  
or user-created subfolders etc) the automatic preview of the first  
item does not appear. The turning "loading" symbol appears. Clicking  
on the first email previews it, but no other emails in the folder are  
selectable or previewable. Double-clicking on another email opens it  
in a new window, so Dimp can 'see' and read the other emails. The  
'loading' spinning wheel doesn't appear to time out - I have left it  
for about 15 minutes.

Anyone else have this behaviour in their Dimp?

Simon Wilson

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