[horde] Kronolith and Outlook 2007 WebDAV Publishing

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Mon Jun 15 23:02:13 UTC 2009

Quoting Robert McAuley <rmcauley at ca.afilias.info>:

> A lot of our users use Outlook 2007 and 2003 for calendaring.  With  
> Horde we've been letting them use Funambol, however we'd like to  
> switch all users to OL2007 and have them use 2007's WebDAV  
> publishing feature. (we have some support issues with Funambol)
> The setup is as follows:
> - Horde Webmail Groupware Edition 1.2.3 (stock/fresh download, no  
> code modifications)
> - Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 on Windows XP SP2
> - Apache 2.2.3
> - Postgres 8.1.11
> I can export an iCal file directly from Outlook and import it into  
> my Horde calendar with no problems.  The problem is when using the  
> WebDAV publishing.
> For people looking to use this OL2007's feature in the future, I'll  
> document here that you need an Apache rewrite rule to make it work.   
> Outlook takes only a directory as an upload point, not a file, and  
> names all files "[name of calendar]_Calendar.ics", so one must  
> rewrite to publish to the user's default Horde calendar:
> RewriteRule rpc.php/kronolith/(.*?)/(.*?)_Calendar\.ics$  
> rpc.php/kronolith/$1/$1.ics [L]
> Now for the problem.  Outlook shows a "server error" message, and  
> this pops up in the Horde logs:
> Jun 15 10:55:51 HORDE [error] [horde] There was an error importing  
> the iCalendar data. [pid 7198 on line 157 of  
> "/var/www/html/horde-prod/lib/Horde/RPC/webdav.php"]
> It's not the SQL that appears in the line above it, as running the  
> actual SQL against the database produces no problems.  The iCal  
> exporting feature of Outlook presents the same UI and options for  
> WebDAV and local iCal exporting, and iCal data is imported correctly  
> from an Outlook .ics file uploaded with IE6, so as much as I'd love  
> to quickly blame Outlook here that doesn't appear to be the case.  I  
> could (try) and grab the iCal data being sent via tcpdump/wireshark,  
> but I'm not sure if that would help or not.

Yes, grabbing the data (you can log it at the PHP level by putting  
some code into webdav.php, right around where the error occurs, also)  
would definitely be helpful. Could you attach that data to a bug  
report at http://bugs.horde.org/? Including the rewrite rule info on  
the wiki would also be very helpful for documenting things for other  


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