[horde] Horde+SoapServer: error in non-wsdl mode: can't find encoding and bad response in ws (partly-solved)

Roberto Polli rpolli at babel.it
Tue Jun 16 14:55:08 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I got find a kludge to solve a series of issues with horde webservices+ubuntu. 
Issues are present on various independent test nodes.
environment: php5 + ubuntu hardy

issues are:
* bad responses by ws (not wsdl compliant)
* bad error codes (it always returns  "can't find encoding")

it seems that it's related to SoapServer in non-wsdl mode.

in PhpSoap.php
>        $this->_server = new SoapServer(null, 
>	        array('uri' =>
>	        	Horde::url($GLOBALS['registry']->get('webroot', 'horde') .
>		        '/rpc.php',
>			 true, false)
>		)
>	);

we're running php in non-wsdl mode.

if I change with a STATIC reference to the wsdl (a dinamic one will cause an 
infinite loop), all those issue were resolved
>        $this->_server = new SoapServer("http://localhost/wsdl.xml");

Don't know why..but that's it.

Note: putting a dynamic reference like 
>        $this->_server = new SoapServer(
>	        Horde::url($GLOBALS['registry']->get('webroot', 'horde')
>	        .'/rpc.php?wsdl');
causes an infinite loop, so avoid it.

Hope somebody can make it clear.

Peace, R


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