[horde] Bad or malformed request. Server Responded: Command unrecognized: LOGIN

Beth Halsema bhalsema at purdue.edu
Mon Aug 3 21:05:32 UTC 2009

While testing our installation of Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 
(version 1.2.3), we ran into an understandable but undesirable
behavior.  I am uncertain as to whether it should be considered a
bug, but I was hoping that I might find out:

        a) Whether others have experienced this scenario?
        b) If so, how did they address it?
	c) Whether I should be submitting a bug report?

We are running the latest release of UW-IMAP.  We are using the IMP 
application to authenticate.  We also use the IMAP host's native 
account expiration.  From the time that the expiration field is set 
and excluding its final day, the status information displayed by IMP 
(as provided by the IMAP server) is correct:

        Account expires in x days(s)!

However, on the final day (the account has not yet expired), instead 
of the alert being displayed,

        Account expires today!

, the login attempt fails, and the following informational message is
provided on the Horde login page:

   Bad or malformed request. Server Responded: Command unrecognized: LOGIN

I believe that this is due to the fact that the IMAP server returns

        * NO [ALERT] Account expires today!

as opposed to:

        * OK [ALERT] Account expires in x day(s)!

According to RFC 3501 Section 7.1.2 (NO Response), this is a recognized 
response, indicating an operational errror from the server.  The
command can and does complete successfully.  


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