[horde] advanced registration for Horde

pj2002 at inbox.lv pj2002 at inbox.lv
Thu Aug 6 13:09:28 UTC 2009

	Hello everybody. I'm looking for the person who can make advanced
registration for horde.
Main features I require are:
Server info: FreeBSD, EXIM, Dovecot, Mysql5, PHP5 
When registering in horde, the data wich is written to EXIM DB when
registering through postfixadmin should be written to Exim Db + some
additional fields, such as name, sex, country, city......
Name, surname and secret question for password
recovery should be additionally written into horde DB also.
In horde  we have wiki.horde.org/AuthCompos.. double
authorisatrion (imap+sql). 
The user should be  username at domen.com, but @domain.com must be
added automatically to the username [1]
The form should be translatable into other languages by standart hrde
The added registration must not make troubles for future horde
If anyone inetrested, please reply with your suggestions to my email.

[1] mailto:username at domen.com, but @domain.com must be added
automatically to the usernameНам

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