[horde] Installing Horde from Git/CVS

Robert McAuley rmcauley at ca.afilias.info
Thu Aug 6 21:26:34 UTC 2009

Michael Rubinsky wrote:
> If you get this error, you probably should be explicitly specifying the 
> src and dest directories as in the other examples on the wiki page:
> horde-fw-symlinks.php --src [Location of horde CVS HEAD]/framework 
> --dest [A PHP include directory]
> horde-fw-symlinks.php --src [Location of horde-git]/framework --dest [A 
> PHP include directory]
> horde-fw-symlinks.php --src [Location of horde-hatchery]/framework 
> --dest [A PHP include directory]

That's a good tip, but the docs still don't work as advertised.  The Horde::Cli class isn't anywhere recognizable when you just do a clean install like this.  The trick that works is to go into a directory where horde-fw-symlinks can *find* Horde::Cli:

cd horde
mkdir libs
cd ../horde-git/framework/Cli/lib
horde-fw-symlinks.php  --src ../../../../framework/ --dest ../../../../horde/libs/
cd ../../../../horde
horde-fw-symlinks.php --src ../horde-hatchery/framework
cd ../horde-git/framework/Cli/lib
horde-fw-symlinks.php --src ../../../../horde-hatchery/ --dest ../../../../horde/libs/

This is really not the best thing to do.  I feel what's missing here on instructions on *where* to install the Horde dev libraries or configure our php.ini settings to have the Horde dir included.

- Rob

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