[horde] Horde_Rdo vs Propel

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Oct 1 03:40:05 UTC 2009

Quoting Elier Delgado <elier.delgado at gmail.com>:

> I was testing Horde_Rdo and I like it, although I must finish a
> completed test still.
> I guess you know about Propel and I want to have more criteria to chose one:
> Horde_Rdo
> - I find it more easy and simple to use, but it's not released yet.

Easy to use and simple, along with light enough for use in big  
apps/datasets and extensible when necessary, are definitely the design  
goals for Rdo. So it's great to know you're finding it that way. :)

> Propel
> - Well proven but require XML files to describe tables and
> relationships, something not necessary in Horde_Rdo.

The XML thing is a pet peeve of mine. I don't think there's any reason  
to have to write BOTH XML and PHP to make your application work.

> Could be recommended begin to use Horde_Rdo in my project ?

I think so. The API hasn't changed a lot for a while. If people start  
using it and commenting/contributing, it'll stabilize even more. You  
have certainly helped with your testing of the relationship code. :)


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