[horde] exporting recurring dates [kronolith/horde]

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Sun Nov 1 16:26:34 UTC 2009

Dear list readers,

i'm new to this list, but i didn't found any solution yet.

We have a lot of different recurring dates in our kronolith calendars and want 
to use them (just a chronological view - read only access) on a external 
website (based on ZOPE / python).

For this i tried different ways:
 - using XMLRPC "listEvent" (by python)
 - using the iCal interface

Because there is no chance to get a python library which is able to handle 
recurrences in iCal RFC or even Hordes own format (and i have not the time to 
write/port one) i need all events including their recurring instances as a 

But all exporting functions just seems to give the initial date (instance) in 
such cases.

Is there any way to get all instances out? I've read something about 
$showRecurrence but the RPC iface won't accept this in my tries.

Any ideas or solutions? Im happy about anything helpful here...

many thanks in advance.
best regards,



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