[horde] Horde - Sessions

Michael Post michael_post at web.de
Thu Nov 12 16:00:26 UTC 2009

Hello Niels,

i have configured the mysql db as backend under Administration -> 
Configuration -> Horde -> Database.

In IMP i can not set this parameter.

But the behaviour is the same as is had before.

What can i do to encircle my problem?

Thanks a lot,


Niels Dettenbach schrieb:
> Dear Michael,
> did you configured the storage backends of your Horde, Horde settings and Horde-Applications properly (i.e. to your SQL Database)? Make shure all of them are configured to the regarding storage system (see Admin ->  Horde config and application->config).
> I.e. if you didn't configured the persistent storage of your Horde settings all your settings will only there for your current session and gone when logout. You will recognize this by the regarding system messages (..."saved until end of this session..." instead of just "...saved...") when saving any data.
> hth
> good luck,
> Niels.
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> Niels Dettenbach
> Syndicat IT&Internet
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