[horde] Blank Screen in the Horde Setup-Page

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Mar 15 10:17:34 UTC 2010


Zitat von Alexander Schröter <accounts at computational-chemistry.org>:

> Hi I used to have kolab running in OpenPKG but now I want/need it to run
> native. So I setup a new install of ubuntu and installed kolab  
> according. That
> seems to work.
> My problem start with the installation of horde or to be exact with the
> configuration.
> I seem to always stumble across the same problem. I start setting up horde to
> work with kolab. But at some point I get a blank frame where the settings
> should be.
> I read about this bug where the webadmin page stays blank due to an unescaped
> " ' ". I thought my bug might happen because of the same reason so I checked
> the/usr/share/horde3/admin/setup/* files and I really found to  
> unescaped " ' "
> in a string. Sadly that didn't fix it.
> Thank you
> Alexander
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