[horde] still unable to assign an assignee

Martin Kleinschmidt mk at theochem.uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri Mar 26 14:08:28 UTC 2010

On Fr, 26 M?r 2010, Vilius ?umskas wrote:

>> >> >> what am I doing wrong now?
>> >> >
>> >> >Have you added view/edit permissions for desired users the tasklist?
>> yes. BTW:
>> What is the difference between "show" and "read" permissions?
>I'm not sure about tasklists, but in other places like application
>permission management "show" = "list" and "read" = "read content".


>> >> Yes. I have 2 users.
>> >> one has his own tasklist and a "testlist", the other has only his own
>> >> tasklist.
>> >> all lists have permission show/read/edit for all authenticated users.
>> >>
>> >> User1 is able to create a new task in user2's taks list. But I can only
>> >> assign the owner of the task list as assignee.
>> >
>> >That's strange. I just tested here at my installation and it works as
>> >expected. I guess you need to debug the problem at code level.
>> no need, it works now. But it is kind of strange.
>> I had to set the permissions NOT for "all authenticated users" (this has
>> no effect) but instead for " Individual Users " or for "Groups". This
>> works. Is there any reason behind this behavior which I don't see or is
>> it a bug?
>It may be an oversight. If you think it's a bug, then fill in a bug report.

what is your working setup? have you grated access for
individuals/groups or for "all authenticated"?

oh, I just found 
so is seems to be a feature.


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