[horde] IE Issues

Litten, Rob RLitten at OneCommunications.com
Thu Apr 8 17:03:52 UTC 2010

1. I will look into
2. I added AUTOCOMPLETE = "on" for the login form but it never works


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> 1.       When composing a message with multiple attachments around 3MB
> total, when you submit the page it goes to a blank page and never
> the email.

Make sure PHP is set to handle large upload data and/or that PHP is  
not exiting because it is out of memory.  There was also a SSL/IE  
issue a long time ago.  Search the archives.

> 2.       Why does IE never ask to Remember Username/Password when
> logging on to Webmail? We have the site forced to SSL, does that make
> difference?

Autocomplete is turned off by default on password login forms, for  
obvious reasons.  If you don't like that, edit the login templates.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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