[horde] Rule mail forward to some users

Alexa Rodriguez avrodriguez at jusbaires.gov.ar
Mon Aug 9 22:04:38 UTC 2010


I need to create a rule that allows me: to save mails in my Inbox and   
forward it to some users

Try to do it, but I could not.

I tried put the next examples into "Deliver into my Inbox and redirect  
to...", but don't work.

test1 at test.com test2 at test.com


test1 at test.com, test2 at test.com

Attached image of test where Ingo shows me "Syntax Error"

I have installed:

Horde 3.3.9-cvs
Imp H3 4.3.8-cvs
Ingo H3 1.2.5-cvs

Thanks for any help.


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