[horde] Cleaning Session Data in MySQL Database

Brian Spraker spraker at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 20:02:55 UTC 2010

Thank you, Jan.

I've added the cron job to run every five minutes for the /scripts/alarms.php 
file as well.  I then placed a test item on my calendar but it still does not 
populate with a reminder e-mail for that event.  Using the Kronolith 
"reminders.php" file will provide the Daily Agenda e-mail on days there is 
something scheduled.  Still, the e-mail reminders that should occur for each 
event at the alarm time do not happen.

In regards to the horde log - there are zero errors in it - except the typical 
login and log out messages.

I have my garbage collection methods set in the php.ini file to the default 
values.  Over a day's period, I may have 30 sessions established.  Based on 
this, should they be changed?  Looking at the values below, I expected that PHP 
would look at and delete session files after the 1440 seconds of non-use - which 
is indicated in the config.  I've since changed from MySQL-based sessions back 
to file sessions because it is taxing on the database server (in a master-master 
replication mode).  I have a Debian-based Linux distro and there is some notes 
in there about using a cronjob instead - which is what occurs as well.

session.gc_divisor = 100
session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

Brian S.

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Zitat von Brian Spraker <spraker at yahoo.com>:

> Hello everyone,
> I have the newest version of Horde GroupWare (1.2.7).
> I originally started with the horde binary package that could be easily
> installed with Ubuntu.  Then I opted to remove this and go with the newest
> version and install it myself (which was just a matter of unzipping the tar 
> and placing it in a web directory).
> I have two issues - one horde related and the other is most likely kronolith
> related.
> First issue is in regards to session data cleanup.  I use the
> 'horde_sessionhandler' table in the 'horde' database to store session data.
> However, the old sessions never appear to be removed/deleted.  I have 100+ 
> in the horde_sessionhandler table currently and I may have only ten users; 
> of which use WebMail while all others check via POP3.

Do you have any error messages regarding garbage collection in your horde log?

> Curious to know why the session data doesn't get deleted/removed after a 
> of time.  I have to manually do this and therefore - if any users are logged
> into webmail when I do so, they get logged out and must log back in.

Garbage collection is triggered by PHP. Maybe your site is not busy enough to 
have triggered the GC so far. Tweak your PHP setting for more often GC.
There's also the the possibility of failure in the GC routines of Horde's 
session handler code. Check the horde logs.

> Second issue is in regards to Kronolith's reminder function.  The daily agenda
> e-mails work normally.  However, they actual reminders of an event never are
> sent.  This worked previously when I used the binary-installed version of 
> on Ubuntu.  Now since changing over (and running all of the update scripts 
> were needed), the reminders are not e-mailed.  I have them setup to send a
> reminder e-mail 15 minutes before by default.
> If I set the cron script to run the reminders.php file every five minutes when 
> have the daily agendas set to enabled on my account and there is at least one
> event on the day, I get those daily agenda e-mails every five minutes when the
> script runs.  But nothing in the way of an actual event reminder.
> I'm kind of surprised that there are not two separate scripts for this 

There are. horde/scripts/alarms.php is for sending reminders.

> if someone wants to receive both their daily agenda and reminders, this is not
> possible - otherwise they receive their daily agenda every five minutes (or
> whatever recurrence time is set for the cron job).
> Looking for any kind of advice on these two items.  In regards to the 
> reminder function, I'm more interested in trying to get this fixed so that 
> reminders are sent 15 minutes prior to the event (or whatever threshold is set
> for the reminder) over the daily agendas (which work).
> Brian S.
> BsnTech Networks
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