[horde] Doubt about default shares creation

Alfonso Marín Marín almarin at um.es
Wed Oct 13 11:10:43 UTC 2010

Hi list:

I have a doubt. The first time that an users log in, Kronolith ( and 
others shared enabled application) checks if already exists any visible 
share for that user, and if so, it doesn't create the personal one. 
¿What is the point to do that?

With this behaviour, if an user A gives show permissions to user B 
before user B log in the first time, user B won't have any personal share.

Maybe it would be nice have a config option to indicate that a personal 
share must be created regardless of the displayable ones.


Alfonso Marín Marín
Sección de Telemática - ATICA
Universidad de Murcia
Tlf: 868 88 87 42

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