[horde] Horde ALWAYS perceiving the domain as example.com regardless of configuration

jblank at twu.net jblank at twu.net
Wed Oct 13 22:49:40 UTC 2010

In /etc/horde/horde3/conf.php:

1) I have set $conf['problems']['email'] to 'webmaster at MYDOMAIN.COM'.
2) I have set $conf['problems']['maildomain'] to 'MYDOMAIN.COM'.

Yet when a user clicks the 'Problem' button, Horde consistently attempts 
to send the email to 'webmaster at example.com'.

I have recursively grepped the entire /etc/horde directory, and the entire 
/usr/share/horde3 directory, for 'example.com'. I can't find ANY place 
where my /etc/horde/horde3/conf.php settings are getting overridden.

Please help. This is driving me bonkers. I know that I could manually 
override the setting by editing /services/problem.php, but I shouldn't 
have to. Clearly something is wrong here.

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