[horde] IMP and smtp ( Postfix )

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Sat Oct 16 08:29:08 UTC 2010

Am Freitag 15 Oktober 2010, 18:21:24 schrieb Edward S.P. Leong:
> Can we config ( setup ) the imp by using the postfix as smtp ?


1.) smtp variant
if you use the "smtp" interface of horde / imp you are fully independent from 
the mailer "behind" the smtp protocol. In this case your mailer could be on 
the same or on other hosts.

smtp host: localhost

(could be used with or without smtp-authentification and/or encryption - 
encryption to localhost doesn't make much sense - so you can disable it and 
save your CPU resources.)

This should be the easiest and securest way in most cases / for most users.

2.) "sendmail" variant
If you want to use your local mailer from command line (shell) it should work 
at least if your mailer offers "sendmail compatibility" (which postfix as most 
mailers afaik does). But in this case you have to configure the right path to 
your local "sendmail" binary (or typical sendmail link), because this is 
system / distribution dependent. If there is no such link on your postfix 
system, the path to your postfix binary should work too.

i.e. under


or something like that (check your system for the right path).

Some mailers, sendmail and/or "sendmail emulators" (like postfix, exim a.m.o.) 
may require additional command line options to work - refer to the docs / 
howtos of them or horde docs.

This way often brings more configuration on system side (i.e. access rights) 
and (at least by principe) is "less secure" as it works with shell access.

good luck,



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