[horde] Integrate Horde's Vacation Module with SunOne LDAP server

prahlad kumar prankplayer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 10:34:53 UTC 2011

Hi All,

      It would be great help if you can please help me to solve
following problem.

My Horde is working fine with LDAP, but Vacation Module alone is not
talking properly to LDAP.

I know i have to do changes in ldap.php and other files , which i have
done by following case ID *#6686 <http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/6686>* . But
some how it is not working for me.

When i set the Vacation Message it says that Vacation notice is
enabled but when i send mail from other user to the user who has set
Vacation Notice , no notification comes to the sender.

Could you please guide me over this ?


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