[horde] Ingo Vacation Addresses

Jeff jlar310 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 16:09:03 UTC 2011

We have one Horde front-end for multiple domains. The user selects the
domain on the login page and is authenticated by the selected back-end
IMAP server. All of this works fine. But in Ingo, the "My Email
Addresses" field defaults to just the username with no domain. The
script can not be activated without the domain included in the

I can set the address with the proper domain by using
$conf['hooks']['vacation_addresses'] = true; and using the following
hook script

if (!function_exists('_ingo_hook_vacation_addresses')) {
     function _ingo_hook_vacation_addresses($user = null)
         return array($user . '@' . $_SESSION['imp']['maildomain']);

The problem is that even with $conf['hooks']['vacation_only'] = false;
only the address generated by the hook is getting saved. The user can
enter a different or additional addresses, but they are not saved nor
are they entered into the script.

What, if anything, am I doing wrong?

Is my hook script too simple? Is there a way to examine user-generated
values in the hook script and return the default value of
user at maildomain only if it is needed?



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