[horde] new version of horde, when?

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Thu Feb 3 10:17:59 UTC 2011

Zitat von Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting LALOT Dominique <dom.lalot at gmail.com>:
>> Hello,
>> We would like to know if we can have a chance to get a new version of horde
>> (horde4 and imp5). We are waiting for so long. Many of other universities
>> are migrating to zimbra meanwhile.
>> I remember an answer about a bug corrected in IMP5 a long time ago..
>> Is there something like a dead line or should we consider that there will be
>> nothing new in 2011?
> Horde 4 and groupware apps will be released on April 5th, 2011.

As of this i try to start with a test install according to  

The "git clone" worked so i got a "horde" directory with around 250MB.  
After modify of the install_dev.conf and starting "php ./install_dev"  
the following error is thrown :

EMPTYING old web directory /var/www


Warning: file_put_contents(/horde/config/horde.local.php): failed to  
open stream: No such file or directory in  
/root/horde/framework/bin/install_dev on line 114

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RuntimeException' with message  
'DirectoryIterator::__construct(/horde): failed to open dir: No such  
file or directory' in /root/horde/framework/bin/install_dev:115
Stack trace:
#0 /root/horde/framework/bin/install_dev(115):  
#1 {main}
   thrown in /root/horde/framework/bin/install_dev on line 115

And in fact the file is missing...

Any help how to start from here?

Many Thanks


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